About the College of Graduate Studies

The College of Graduate Studies was established in the year 1990 to become one of the most important colleges at Sudan University of Science and Technology. However, it brings together some of the brightest postgraduate students in the programs of PhD, master and postgraduate diplomas degrees from inside and outside Sudan. The college includes a large number of postgraduate students, estimated at 11,000, in more than 112 academic programs, which are subjected to upgrading every 3-5 years to keep pace with scientific developments and programs to obtain PhD and master degrees by research in various disciplines.

Proudly, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research accredits the College of Graduate Studies as a center of excellence for implementing the PhD degree program in computer science by courses and research, which is taught by professors from Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia, Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Canada and the United States. There are also four other PhD degree programs with coursework and research in mechanical engineering, Arabic language, English language and business administration.

Enrolment is open for different degrees throughout the year with fees that vary according to the program and types of admission that allows the domestic students to pay in local currency and requires overseas students to pay in hard currency. English and Arabic languages are the means of instruction at the college, which implements its program at the different colleges of the university. The Senate Council issued the first bylaw for postgraduate studies in the year 1992 AD, and it is updated every period to come in line with the requirements of the stage in which there is a vertical and horizontal development. The College of Graduate Studies strives to enrich scientific research and community service by offering programs in all scientific fields related to the university’s colleges, institutes and deanships, and providing material and human capabilities accompanied by a diversity in programs and specializations. The various programs of the college accommodate students and researchers from different countries worldwide.