Apply to MSc in Agricultural Engineering (Batch 9)

The college of graduate studies announces the start of applications for the MSc program in Agricultural Engineering by taught courses, and the application continues until the planned number of accepted admissions is satisfied, in accordance with the following application conditions:

Submission Conditions

  • Obtaining a bachelor's degree with honors with a "Good" grade (second class - second division) as a minimum in the specialty.
  • Obtaining a bachelor’s degree with honors with a "Pass" grade (third degree) in the specialization + qualifying courses for no less than one semester (to be determined by the concerned college).

Submission Requirements

You can apply online by entering the link and reading the application method carefully before starting, preparing academic certificates and proof of identity in the form of jpg files with a size of 2084 KB (maximum for each certificate) and then paying the application fee (five thousand pounds) in one of Omdurman National Bank branches or Using the O-Cash application, it is also possible to apply by attending the college and attaching the following:

  • Original academic certificates (general + details) authenticated by higher education and printed on currency paper and a copy of each.
  • Proof of identity (national number or passport).
  •  Application fee of 5000 pounds (five thousand pounds).