One day the College of Graduate Studies will become an inspiration for education and research that characterized by excellence, lifelong learning, and a beacon to guide the university and society towards development and growth.


To promote, support and develop all aspects of postgraduate studies through providing superior quality academic services and to enhance research efforts aimed at discovery and creativity.


The College of Postgraduate studies abide strictly by the following values: trust, transparency, excellence, quality, creativity and teamwork spirit.


1. To promote the development of scientific research at the university.

2. To provide high-quality and long-term educational services through:

  • Attracting distinguished professors to teach.
  • Admission of distinguished students.
  • Graduating highly qualified postgraduates.
  • Upgrading the academic and research programs continuously.
  • Strengthening learning resources.
  • Creating and accrediting high-level academic programs.
  • Strengthening communication and learning skills.

3. To develop and improve scientific research activities through:

  • Strengthening and supporting postgraduate studies programs to stimulate and promote scientific research at the university.
  • Training researchers capable of completing distinguished scientific research.
  • Directing scientific research to address the current social issues.
  • Creating a research partnership with industrial companies.
  • Encouraging joint research in various disciplines between the university, research centers and competent authorities, domestically and globally.
  • Bringing global experiences home and localizing modern technology through organizing conferences and workshops.
  • Working to provide financial support for research projects from local and international donors and funds.

4. To serve the community through:

  • Enriching the community with specialists capable of coping with changeable scientific knowledge.
  • Providing scientific consultations and studies that benefit society.
  • Publishing studies and books that deal with the problems of society.
  • Providing lectures and holding workshops on contemporary and emerging issues.